Thursday, January 28, 2010

It does get done....

In order to help me with the dishes my 22 month old son has to stand on a chair at the rinse sink. Once we are done, which he announces with the simple declarative 'Done', he moves on to other endeavours. As the reigning adult I decide he needs to put away the chair he was using. I tell him a couple of times, just in case he has forgotten the little he knows of the English language, and then leave him to it. I have to help him move the chair off the towel we use to soak up spilled water and then he starts the journey from the sink back to the table. It’s not a straight line journey. In order to get the chair pointed in the right direction when he arrives at the table he must circle the kitchen. It is a small kitchen so it shouldn't take long.

But wait. On the way to the table he comes across an old pair of mittens abandoned on the floor. It would be more fun to put away the chair with mittens on.

But wait. He discovers water on the chair. The mittens do not work wiping up water so he has to get a napkin. Once again the chair is ready to be put back in its place.

But wait. This would all go so much easier with music. So that annoying electronic musical beast he was given for Christmas must be started. A tinny electronic version of The Saints Go Marching In echoes around the house. And the chair resumes its journey.

But wait. Isn't that the toy biplane he built a couple of weeks ago sitting over there on the bookshelf. Yes, having it sitting on the seat of the chair would make the journey easier. And the chair resumes its journey.

But wait. Is that Max the Wonder Schnauzer watching the boy and his chair? It is. And he must go over and pet Max. It's the civilized thing to do. And the chair resumes its journey.

Finally, after countless minutes and an unknown number of seconds, taken from the ever shortening life span and patience of the reigning adult, the child has completed his journey. Mission completed, chair back in place. A short dull task made longer, more interesting and a lot more fun by a toddlers approach to life. And now I can appreciate those minutes.

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