Friday, November 12, 2010


A simple concept and a picture I made for my lovely wife for her blog. I liked the image so I have decided to use it as the picture for my word this week. She does have a lot of buttons, but she is learning to deal with them. I am very proud of her. Now let’s hope she isn’t too aware of my own hording tendencies.

Also, don’t pay too much attention to the dates. The definition of a week is becoming a little loose around here, at least for me!


It didn’t seem that tough a word initially and in reality it really wasn’t, once I got past the urge to be exceedingly clever. When I considered what I was going to do with this one I decided using it in the context of playing catch with the football would be the concept I would use. I never got to toss the ol’ pigskin around with TroubleMaker this summer and I now regret we didn’t play as much as I feel we should have. That is kind of disappointing to me.

Then my lovely wife threw in a suggestion. She reasoned, correctly, that because we are a team she could contribute to my almost weekly word. Her idea was a picture of her juggling and since we were already set up to take TroubleMaker’s Halloween picture, this would be the perfect opportunity. She was right.

So this weeks work has two images, mine and ours. Sorry, there is no ‘yours.’