Monday, August 16, 2010

spel chekr

i hav bene spendng som tiem lokng thru online clasfied ads dreamn of a lif ov aluans wen i notised a trnd amung tha ads. it seeems the enlish langage is evolvg, ore mybe the peeple r changeing
i see peeples whoe can by an thn sale automobeels, lectronics and lotsa sufisticated consumr stuf butt cannt rite a simpl lines scribing thee itm thay got 4sale.yu needs ta wundr hows thay caan bee respnsbl fore sew manee complx activitys licke driveing a car, helding down a jobe or operateing a computor but thay cant expres! r thy dummy or maybee i can gets stuff frum thems fer less if i talks goodly.
eether waye it difcult sumtimes to unnerstand how peeples funcshun whin thay cnt mister simpl comuncashion. peepl rnt chngeing thay r justly geting lazyer. and whatt so difcult bout spell checker aniway?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another part of the creative process!

What do you write about when you have nothing to say? I suppose that is what writer’s block is about.

It is not that things don’t happen but none of it seems to excite my desire to write. I don’t want to waste my time bitching about people who text while driving, or the really unaware people all around us, or conservatives. I have a lot of petty squabbles with the world and when I can’t sleep or life conspires against me I spend time considering them, but they are ultimately meaningless. I can do little about so many of those situations.

I live with a 2 year old so it isn’t that I don’t see a lot of funny things happen. I see a lot of cute things happen. When he gives me a big hug and tells me ‘love you very much daddy’, well I shouldn’t have to tell you what that means to me. But is it something people want to read about? Does that matter? If you have made it this far you just read about it.

I think writer’s block is the challenge the Muses use to test us. If you can overcome it through diligence and hard work then you do deserve to be a writer. If you can’t then you don’t.

Or it could really be just an opportunity to see how much like an anal retentive boring adult I can really be. I am not sure I am all that happy with my success.