Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, this year

My fifth Father's Day and not a single belt sander or skill saw (you don't know how thankful I am), but neither was there a motorcycle or new motorhome.

For the past few days we have been gearing up for Father's Day. TroubleMaker loves to give gifts and he is good at it. From my Oilers cap to my weird orange Halloween cat, he has always worked very hard to pick out gifts he feels are appropriate and he always does it with the enthusiasm and logic only a child can bring to the activity. They weren't things I would have chosen for myself but I treasure them. So today he got me a spotters guide to World War II aircraft and a kit for making paper airplanes.
This got me to thinking and as often as that gets me into trouble I felt today it might be a worthwhile exercise. As much as I like to be praised and honoured regardless of whether it is deserved, I think Father's Day also imposes some requirements on us, the fathers. It is a time when each of us can take a moment and consider what being a father means. What are we trying to teach our children? What kind of people would we like them to be? What can we do to be better fathers to our children? It is time Father's Day meant something more than a card.